Book Keeping
This service is provided by very high competent and specialized accountants  to provide the institution with a controllable accounting system and to lead the institution to the value added tax commitment through many trustful steps such as:

  1. Preparing the tree of accounts for companies and institutions in all sectors.
  2. Holding the accounting copybooks and recording daily movements and follow up on their balance.
  3. Preparation of periodic accounting reports.
  4. Preparing and organizing the cost accounts for companies and institutions in all sectors.
  5. Preparing and reviewing the bank settlement and comparing it with accounting copybooks.
  6. Preparation of accounting matches and certificates of accounts periodically.
  7. Preparation of stock settlements and closing statements.
  8. Preparation of financial policies and procedures for companies and institutions in all sectors.
Customs consultancy
Team of consultants, whose expertise extended over the world, provide our clients with the service of customs consultancy in the GCC countries in general and Saudi Arabia in particular.
Personnel Affairs
A team of experts provide our clients with this service. Our main concern, regarding this service, is to provide the basic services to the institutions to help them comply with the requirements of the Saudi labor system and to organize employees’ file operations, the monthly salaries and wage protection.
Technical Support
We innovate as we design and provide all the basic services needed by small and medium institutions such as creating websites, official emails and managing the accounts of social media. Quality and punctuality are what distinguish our technical experts.
Graphics design
This service includes logos design, to fit the industry of the institution, identity design, posters design, and advertising publications. Well-organized designers were carefully chosen to keep pace with your expectations.